Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program



Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program

Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program


How To Use Your Brain to Get Everything You Want
In Life
But, there’s a catch. A big catch.

You see, when you don’t understand how to USE your brain properly… all your efforts are wasted.It’s like trying to drive a nail into a wall using a chainsaw.

Hi, Noah St. John here.

I’m the author of 14 books including Permission to Succeed ® and The Secret Code of Success™. In just a moment, I’m going to tell you how to manifest more wealth, health and success. All you have to do is… you guessed it… use the right tool. But first, if you’re not seeing the results you want in your life…

It’s Not Your Fault.

See, I’m just like you. I’ve read lots of books that all said the same thing.

Millions of us were told to use “affirmations” – statements like ”I am rich” or “I am happy” – to create our ideal life.

But what happens when you say something like “I am rich“? Your brain responds, “Yeah, right!” And nothing happens.That because it’s just wishful thinking.

Say a thousand affirmations, set a thousand goals. Our brains don’t believe it on a subconscious level – where it really counts. And, as a result, you can work hard and still not see results.

What If You Could Change Your Subconscious Beliefs
About Money In The Next 5 Minutes?
I know how frustrating it is to put in so much work for so little payoff.
But after years of study I’ve found something that does work. A new method that compels your brain to follow your command.And best of all – you can do it in less than 5 minutes a day.I call it The Afformations® Method.

And I’ve taught it to more than 350,000 people in over 120 countries – some of whom you’ll meet in just a moment – who’ve been able to manifest their true desires and more cash, more business success, happier relationships… anything they want really.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you about this Method you can use to quickly attract more money through the power of your subconscious mind— where 97% of all decisions are made.That’s why over 350,000 people are saying this is…

AFFORMATIONS® – The Missing Piece in Personal Growth.

Before I started using The AFFORMATIONS® Method, I was broke, miserable, and lonely. I couldn’t get a date to save my life. Back then, my bank account rarely had more than $1,000 in it. (Seriously. That’s a true story.)

Today I own a lovely home in the Midwest, surrounded by trees and natural beauty. I’m married to a gorgeous woman. I pay CASH to take us on vacations to fun, exotic places …

… And I make more money in a WEEK than I used to make in an entire YEAR.
How did it happen? What’s the “secret sauce” I used to change my life?
Can It Really Be This Easy?

It’s true: some people have more head trash than others when it comes to making a lot of money. I should know. I grew up poor in a rich neighborhood.

All around me, I saw people with nice cars, big houses, and lots of material “things”. But even worse than not having material “things” was every night, Mom and Dad arguing about money…why didn’t we have any… and why they were working so hard with so little to show for it.

I remember plenty of nights when I would lie in bed with tears in my eyes, because I just didn’t know how to help my parents. I was scared they might get divorced and then, who knows what would happen to me?

Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending!

It took many years of painful experience and thousands of hours of study, but after decades of analyzing the hidden causes of success and failure, I finally cracked the code and discovered the “secret sauce” that the super-rich and wealthy businesspeople are using.

In fact, not only can you have it… but you can do it without spending a dime extra, or even reducing the money you’re spending on marketing or advertising.

Finally, you can have it, too, and find success in your business.
Who I Am – and Why My $75,000.00 Coaching Clients
Listen To Me.
I’ve appeared on all kinds of programs…

… and helped over 350,000 people bring positive change into their lives. But as an entrepreneur myself, I specialize in helping my fellow entrepreneurs overcome the unique challenges we face.

I’ve been on the inside of business ventures both small and large, and helped many of them turn their businesses around from really struggling to super-successful in a very short period of time.

Many of them have paid me $75,000.00 and up to get this information. But now, I’ve decided to make my system available to a small group of people for a FRACTION of the price.

Everything You Need Is Within You Right Now.

This system is so revolutionary and innovative that it will allow you to double… or triple… your net money without spending an extra dime on marketing or advertising.

The Afformations® Method consists primarily of four elements… and employs five specific mind-penetrating techniques. None of these cost a dime to implement.

For example, let me tell you about Chris. He’s from Calgary – in Canada.

Chris is in the private lending business. He raises money from private investors and lends it to borrowers to buy real estate. Although he’s worked in the industry awhile, it was only recently that he and his wife went out on their own. And things were super-stressful.
While their competitors could raise millions per month, they were only able to raise $200,000 at best each month for their mortgage deals.

“Bottom line,” Chris told me. “Whenever we had a mortgage to fund, we went into panic mode, always wondering where the funds for this deal were going to come from. It was a very negative and fearful environment.”
But then Chris started using the Afformations® Method… and his entire business has changed.

In fact, he recently did a mortgage for a little over $1 million and had just nine days to get the money together. He tried the Afformations® Method and…”We raised the funds in seven days. The fastest in our company over the past five years. That’s just nuts.”

Or how about Diego Fallas, an entrepreneur from Costa Rica. He was having trouble paying one of his suppliers for devices critical to his business. Just one day after he started using the Afformations® Method, he received a fateful call.

His business partner had found a way to finance the purchase with the supplier with 0% interest!

The Step-By-Step Instruction Manual You’ve Been Looking For.
You will discover:
  • How the human mind really works – and why “affirmations” will almost never produce the results you want (page 18)
  • The 7-word phrase that will bring your desires to you “auto-magically” (page 63)
  • What traditional success teachers told you that’s just flat out WRONG (page 21)
  • How an unhappy employee created a job for himself … at TWICE his old salary! (page 79)
  • Achieve better health, wealth and well-being in just 5 minutes a day (page 52)
  • How to develop stone-cold, unshakable inner confidence (page 74)
You’ll also learn:
  • How a 13-year-old girl cured her chronic worry and insomnia using this method – in just one night! (page 29)
  • The 2 surprising ways to create your ideal life – it’s NOT what everyone else is telling you (page 27)
  • The 4 steps to create the life you really want (page 42)
  • How an insurance salesman increased his income 520% in one year – AND found the love of his life! (page 35)
  • Can you really have it all? Yes — here’s how (page 45)
And you’ll come to understand:
  • How to overcome setbacks or depression in 4 quick steps (page 47)
  • How a couple sold their home in just 3 daysusing this method – after it had been on the market for months! (p 47)
  • The two most effective questions you can ask, and the one question you should NEVER ask (page 33)
  • How to quickly and easily attract the life you’ve always dreamed of (page 87)
  • And so much more….
How To Command Your Mind To Give You Everything You Want In Just 5 Minutes a Day.

I’ve worked behind the scenes and done a great deal of hands-on work with small business owners like you. In each case, I’ve exposed them to the Afformations® Method, and the results have been incredible.

But, I’ve never released this powerful Method in its entirety… until now.

I truly believe that this information can magically transform any business, entrepreneur, or company that puts it to use. You are getting first access, and that is going to give you the ultimate advantage.

That’s why I’m pleased to introduce you to…

AFFORMATIONS®: The Missing Piece to Having Abundance.
Finally: A Proven, Simple, Step-by-Step Formula to
Attract More Money With Your Subconscious Mind.




Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program

Noah St. John – Afformations Mastery Program