Anthony Robbins – Date With Destiny Leadership Manual 2013



Anthony Robbins – Date With Destiny Leadership Manual 2013

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Are you looking to Lead others to Lasting Change?
Anthony Robbins can show you how – and help you Design your Destiny in Leadership, for you and
those around you, by learning the LEADERSHIP Skills necessary to do so.
This Manual was from the very last Date with Destiny Leadership event in Palm Springs California –
Dec 2013. He won’t hold another one until the end of 2014, and he removed the 2nd from this year.
These events sell out, and are becoming rare!!!
There are behind the scenes activities that can take you to the next level through Leadership, and at
Date with Destiny those key distinctions are outlined in this manual!
Attendees of Leadership Mastery which includes Date with Destiny Leadership have a unique
opportunity to see behind the scenes. To begin to understand how it is Tony & his team deliver the
change that so many are seeking.

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