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Introducing Beyond:

An Authentic Marketing System For Coaches Who Want To Skyrocket Their Business Without
Sacrificing Who They Are.

Most marketing experts are only focused on conversions…. and that’s exactly what they will tell you to focus on too.

And sure – using a red button instead of a blue one will up your conversion rates by a few percent. Optimizing your landing pages and email marketing will boost your numbers without a doubt.

But when you focus only on conversion instead of conversation, you’re cutting your own flesh…. if you’re planning on being in business for more than just the next 3 months.

And you don’t want to be just another coach…

You want to be the most transformative experience in your clients’ lives!
You want to be visible, memorable and make an impact that lasts.
And you want to do all of this whilst staying 100% true to who you are.

And this is exactly why I created Beyond for you. So that we can go deeper together, use the marketing principles that get extraordinary results without ever sacrificing your values, beliefs and true nature.

Beyond takes you beyond the surface level and to a level where you get congruent answers to questions like:

  • What is the conversation that you want to have with your clients?
  • How do you want your clients to experience you and your brand?
  • What makes people fall in love with you and your brand?
  • What makes people become raving fans and think of you first when they think of your field of expertise?

And much more….

Businesses that leverage Personality Positioning Architecture to focus on connection and truly understanding the human psychology behind it are the ones that last in the industry… and not just for a few months, but for decades and decades to come.

“What is Personality Positioning Architecture, really?” you might wonder.

It’s a new and innovative approach to marketing that allows you to leverage on your personality and position yourself as an undisputed authority in your field of expertise as a coach. Like an architect, you’ll learn how to construct and build a marketing system that allows you to create stellar results without neglecting your personality and who you truly are.

In building multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses for myself and my clients I’ve found that there are 3 core elements you need to focus on to grow your coaching practice beyond the limits of regular marketing tactics:

The 3 Core Elements of Personality Positioning Architecture

So simply put, there are only 3 things you need to master if you want to create and authentic, memorable business using Personality Positioning Architecture:

  1. Understanding the market
  2. Understanding your clients
  3. Understanding yourself

See, most marketing courses teach you about the market and maybe a little bit about your clients.

But if you want to become a truly memorable coach who stands out and who creates a lasting impression on your clients…

If you plan on creating long-term success over decades and not end up as one of the “me-too” coaches who maybe convert for a couple months but never truly connect with their prospects…

You need to be able to master all 3 elements.

And when you do? You are guaranteed to have a disproportionate advantage in your industry!

That’s exactly what you get when you join me for Beyond….

What Will Beyond Do For You And Your Business?

Beyond is not your next superficial “how-to guide” that teaches you the regular, pushy 5-step marketing plan that makes you feel like a used car salesman from the 90s….

Beyond takes you deep into the DNA of your brand, and your marketing, and demonstrates how to create a differentiated personality for yourself and your coaching practice – long-term.

In Beyond, you’ll discover how to understand and leverage profound human psychology, how to go deep within yourself and explore your personality, your brand, and your gifts in a whole new dimension – by using Personality Positioning Architecture.

And you get my best and proven marketing tactics, systems, and step-by-step processes as a Bonus to this in-depth psychological training in marketing.

Just imagine how incredibly good it will feel when you finally….

  • have the power to create conversions through conversations because you understand how human dynamics work so that you can sustain your success and growth long-term (instead of being one of those people that nobody would miss or even notice if they disappeared overnight)
  • are able to be 100% you and your “flaws” and “failures” are not something to be ashamed of…. but actually something you can leverage to make people love you for who you are and connect with you on a much deeper level
  • have a brand personality and coaching business that is in alignment with who you are, your natural gifts, strengths, and talents so that you can effectively market your business in a way that feels good and true to you (instead of feeling like a little piece of you dies or you have to sell your soul to make money)
  • get your sales, revenue, and levels of abundance increasing steadily and rapidly without you having to sacrifice your core values, beliefs, or your nature simply because you have the strategies that allow you to build an authority based on who you truly are
  • have a message and marketing communication in place that’s authentic, effortlessly stands out from the crowd, and is memorable to your ideal clients because it truly connects to who they are and builds meaningful relationships
  • are able to establish a true bond with your prospects, create a profoundly transformative experience for your clients and transcend beyond what they think is possible… so that they keep coming back to you for more

And much, much more!

I can’t wait to take you on this journey to transcend beyond the lame, douchey marketing tactics that make you feel like you’re “selling out” and to a deeper level of understanding, connection, and transformative business growth – when you join me for Beyond.


Here’s Exactly What You Will You Learn In Beyond

I structured the whole Beyond training program into easy-to-digest Modules and short, powerful video lessons for you, so that it’s enjoyable to consume and easy to implement your new insights right away.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each Module:


Getting Started

Discover the ideas and frameworks you need to understand to get the most out of the program!

  • The 4 stages of learning and how to go from a place of being unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent.
  • How to program your subconscious mind in a way that it lets you consistently excel at what you are doing
  • ‘Reverse engineering the number game’ and how the ‘right numbers’ can make communication with your prospective clients more powerful.
  • Why goals are important and how to set the right ones that help your  business strive to its fullest potential
  • How to identify and overcome the most common fears that hold you back right now

Module 01

Trust and Connection

In this module, I’ll take you through an implementable system with various psychological triggers that will help you stay authentically connected with your clients.

  • The theory of possibility that allows you to take your prospects on an irresistible journey
  • The counter-intuitive concept of intervention and how it will create a long-term connection with your audience
  • Why authenticity is crucial for your marketing and how to implement it in your business practice
  • How to get clarity on your company’s long-term vision and how to share it with your audience to build connection and trust
  • The most powerful way to put ideas into the world and share your own story to connect

Module 02

Triggers of Influence

In this module, you’ll learn some of the influence triggers you can use in your sales marketing take your business to the next level.

  • Why the principle of commitment is key to following through and delivering, and how to use it in your business
  • How to be consistent in your packaging, branding and messaging to create a cohesive experience for your clients
  • How to get your prospects to take action without being pushy, salesy or feeling like a douchebag
  • Why easing the mind of worried prospects is important and how to use scarcity and authority in a way that feels true to you

Module 03

Market Sophistication

In this Module, you’ll learn the different levels of market sophistication including YOUR level of market sophistication and how you can use it to communicate with your audience.

  • How to become the #1 choice in your market, no matter how tough the competition is
  • The science behind crafting the perfect marketing angle that’s in alignment with your personality, values and beliefs and how to implement it in your business

Module 04

Understanding Personalities

Understanding consumer’s personality traits and creating a targeted marketing strategy towards these groups has the potential to revolutionize any business – discover how!

  • The questions you need to ask yourself to identify WHO you’re serving and how to best communicate with your prospects
  • Different personality types and how to leverage each of them to position yourself as the authority in your field


Module 05

You Are Your Greatest Marketing Story

In this module, you will learn the advanced concepts that you should use in your marketing to grow your business.

  • How to create a great storyline for yourself to become a better marketer and achieve epic positioning with your audience
  • The #1 key factor in building a great character in order to communicate impactfully with your audience
  • The 4 polarities model and how to use it to make the most out of your personality for your marketing
  • How to find, leverage and craft your personal story to build trust, memorabilityand connection

Module 06

Sales Paradigms

In this segment, you’ll learn a proven framework for having effective sales conversations that feel good.

  • The Conversation Containers Model and how to implement it to ensure impactful communication with your audience
  • How to take your client on an unforgettable journey using the Story Sales Model instead of pushy, old-school tactics
  • How to sell with integrity and authenticity and never again experience the awkward sales moment

Module 07

Ecosystem Principles

In this Module, you’ll discover the principles that allow you to create consistent results and how to use them for each segment of your marketing ecosystem.

  • The most common mistake that most entrepreneurs make when generating leads and the strategy to avoid it
  • Why everybody is NOT your prospect and how to dominate a specific space in your industry through targeted marketing
  • How to meet your prospects where they’re at so that they listen to you and are open to hearing more
  • How to create results-based training that builds trust and makes your audience fall in love with you and your method
  • The sales sequence that pulls people in instead of pushing them away and how to create a hook that works for your business

Module 08

Simplified Online Ecosystem

In this segment, you’ll learn systems and structures that you can utilize to build your online eco-system.

  • Why webinars are one of the most profitable ways to increase your revenue including  the framework and step-by-step instructions to create and deliver a successful webinar
  • The different webinar formats and how to use and identify when to use which most effectively
  • How to craft a marketing calendar and a business matrix that work for you
  • The journey model and how to leverage micro-content to create an extraordinary experience for your prospects
  • Your 90 day lead or sales generation plan and how to execute it step by step

And much, much more….

Here Is Something That I Am Giving You As A
Bonus To Get Started

To make sure that you get the most transformation out of Beyond, I added special bonus trainings and brought on powerful guest speakers and experts to cover all your bases.
When you join Beyond, you’ll also get access to:

018x Weekly LIVE trainings with Ajit Nawalkha

Each week throughout the program, I’ll be jumping on group calls with you to dive even deeper into the content of each Module and support you in implementing and following through. You’ll get direct support and guidance from me and I’ll answer your specific questions to make sure you’re equipped with everything you need to create transcendent business success.

02The System of Long Copy Sales Letters with Vishen Lakhiani

In this video lesson Vishen shares Mindvalley’s exclusive sales page copy checklist inspired by the world’s industry’s greatest copywriters

03 The 4x Conversion Secret with Chris Haddad

Discover the secret of how Chris turned one of his worst sales letters into being his most effective copy and the 3 rules of story-telling that quadrupled his results.

04 The Ultimate Headline Course with Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen breaks down the Mindvalley process for coming up with headlines, fine-tuning them, and implementing them into your copy to craft highly responsive headlines in HALF the usual time.

05 How to Build a Relationship with Your List with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani

This training tackles a challenge most email marketers face: their open and click-through rates dropping. Kristina Lakhiani, co-founder of Mindvalley Russia, shares her magic formula for effective sales funnels.

Plus, I’ve added an exclusive business building section with additional trainings to support your marketing and create epic results!


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