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For too long, too many extraordinary coaches like you have struggled to explain how you can transform someone’s life and earn their trust to work with you.

It’s not that you don’t have the skills or life experience to coach well. After all, you’ve drawn upon your gifts to create transformation for others many times before. And you certainly want to continue helping more people change their lives.

However, you often feel like you’re hitting a wall preventing you from going further in your coaching business. Perhaps you’re:

  • Struggling to turn prospects into new clients… because most people you talk to don’t understand how coaching can help them, or they don’t perceive you as a qualified expert who can help them.
  • Feeling trapped in a small niche… because people assume you can only help them in one area of life, and they make this assumption based on your personal growth story or life experience that you’ve shared with them.
  • Not getting as many repeat clients as you’d hoped for… because your clients don’t realize how you can help them make powerful shifts in more than just one area of life.
  • Unable to earn a prospect’s or client’s trust… by showing research and proof when they ask to understand how your methodology works to create results. This ends up hurting both your confidence and how people perceive your authority or expertise.
  • Feeling lost of what coaching tools or approaches to use… where either you feel you’ve unsuccessfully tried every coaching tool you know with a client, or you just can’t pinpoint the best way to guide your client’s transformation.
  • Afraid you have disappointed a client… where you sense your client did not get the results they were hoping to achieve. Of all these situations, this one pains your heart the most.

Whether you’ve experienced one, some, or all of these limiting experiences, one thing is for certain. You’re determined to find a way to move past these blocks.

Yes, you are committed to deepen your expertise and become a more qualified and confident coach others trust. But you just don’t know where to start!

What You’ll Learn

Introducing “Holistic Coaching” by Margaret Moore, a 5-part coaching framework

Backed by over 25 years of research to
consistently — and reliably — create transformation.

Holistic Coaching by Margaret Moore

Margaret has identified five important domains from the science of human motivation, change and transformation that come together to create a holistic impact on anyone’s life.

For the first time, by partnering up with Evercoach by Mindvalley, she has created a comprehensive framework to coach around these five domains in her brand new course, “Holistic Coaching”.

Here’s a quick look into the transformations you’ll experience with each domain:

01Coaching Psychology

Coaching psychology is an emerging field which translates and combines robust theories on human change as developed by leading scientists for you to apply in coaching. It will help you:

  • Understand the science behind facilitating new insights, so you can consciously set up the conditions that create shifts for your clients in a consistent and reliable fashion.
02Mind Intelligence

Studies show that brain activity can synchronize with others around you. That’s why coaches called to master our minds, given that your clients can “hitch a ride on your neurons” and attune to your brain state. When you understand the science behind mind intelligence, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Choose to go deeply into a particular brain state, like rapport or non-linear flow, along with having the agility to switch to a different brain state during a coaching session.The deep focus and agile shifts help you influence and guide your client’s mind toward new insights.
03Emotional Intelligence

Emotions carry messages from our deepest selves, and today we have a lot of science teaching us how to decode those messages. By understanding how both positive and negative emotions function and speak to us, you can help your clients to:

  • Tune into emotions as signposts, understand their messages, and learn how to elevate positive emotions and navigate through negative emotions. Then you can shift your emotional state to improve your well-being.
04Body Intelligence

This is a relatively new concept developed by Coach Meg and Dr. Jim Gavin, a psychologist and professor of applied human sciences at Concordia University. In today’s world, many people have the tendency to live in their heads. By understanding body intelligence and learning how to tap into it, you can:

  • Guide your clients to tap into the body’s intelligence, so they’ll discover and engage in their body’s optimal formula for wellness. A healthy body provides vital resources to support the change process.
05Transformational Change

Today, humanity is struggling to keep up in a world undergoing accelerating change, faster change than ever before in history. When you help clients create the conditions to change their minds, emotions, and behaviors, you are helping them change and transform themselves faster than ever before. That’s why when you develop these holistic coaching skills, you will:

  • First help yourself be a leader in self-transformation
  • Step up as a transformational leader, where you help others change quickly enough to keep up with external change, if not occasionally get ahead of it.
  • This equips all of us to steer ourselves, and this world, towards the place we all want to be.

In summary

“Holistic Coaching” by Margaret Moore elevates you to become a coach and transformational leader equipped with the expertise to move your clients forward faster and create results more consistently and reliably.

The impact you create is helping your clients improve all areas of their lives, where your clients have transformed how they think, feel, and act, as a whole — not just doing things differently in one area of their lives.

Read a personal note from Margaret

Coaches are experts in facilitating change. At our best, we deliver transformational change, one shift at a time. I believe the need for coaches has never been greater than in our current times. Technology, globalization, climate change, and population growth are accelerating changes in our world, yet the human capacity to change and adapt isn’t fast enough to keep up with these external forces.

The good news is that the art, science and practice of facilitating human change, also called coaching, has allowed us to identify the habits and skills of transforming ourselves and others in all domains of work, life, health, and well-being.

I care deeply about the coaching profession, and that coaches are well informed as credible experts who understand and apply the science of human change and transformation. One of my life missions is to help coaches learn what they need to know about sound scientific theories and research.

Having grown up in biotechnology where I learned to translate science for non-scientists to understand, I help coaches understand and apply the most important offerings of scientists relevant to coaching — so that coaches can coach with the confidence and integrity of standing on scientific ground.

Course Information

Here are some highlights of what you’ll learn in Margaret Moore’s, Holistic Coaching

Module 1: The Psychology Behind Coaching

Understand how to apply the key fundamentals of human motivation and transformation into your coaching practice. Highlights include:

  • Self-Determination Theory developed by Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan at University of Rochester and how you can use it to help your clients self-actualize.
  • Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, which maps out the five stages of readiness to change, and how to help your clients go into their deeper reasons to change and create real shifts.
  • Motivational Interviewing, a model of a relational conversation that draws out autonomous motivation so you can help you clients build confidence.
  • Relational flow and how to use it to create conditions that put you and your client in a state of flow at a higher state of consciousness, so together you can lead your client to reach new insight.

So you’ll understand how coaching works and how to set up the conditions in coaching sessions to create consistent transformation for your clients.

Module 2: Mastering Your Mind

Learn how to master the mind to lead your client’s transformation. Highlights include:

  • Neuroscience and its rules of the mind that you can apply right away to help your clients organize their minds from chaos, frenzy and overwhelm to calm and order.
  • GPS for the mind — and understanding the 14 brain states so you can intentionally make sure you are in the right brain state for the right activity in coaching.
  • Developing agility to switch brain states with 5 proven strategies that allow you to switch and use your brain to its full capabilities.

So you’ll have the agility to navigate through difficult coaching situations, such as a client facing resistance, because you can help your clients master their mind.

Module 3: Emotional Intelligence

Understand how to decode and work with the language of emotions to create emotional shifts and optimize emotional well being for your clients. Highlights include:

  • The inner family — and understanding the “9 members” of your inner family of emotions, and being able to identify the dominant and quieter voices so you can coach your clients to understand their inner states and motivation.
  • 8-step process to decode the emotions of your client, so you can help them neutralize negative emotions as quickly as possible before it sets back their progress.
  • Techniques on decisional balance to guide your clients to become self-aware of their motivation, so they don’t self-sabotage their transformation in the long run.

So you can help your clients avoid self-sabotage and achieve lasting transformation in the long run.

Module 4: Body Intelligence

Learn the science behind becoming body aware to help your clients perform at optimal levels and enjoy lasting results. Highlights include:

  • A guide to self-attunement and learning how to coach your clients to become somatically aware so they can tune into their own body intelligence.
  • 3 Levels of Body Quotient (BQ) — understanding each BW level so you can help your clients understand, appreciate and navigate their own BQ.
  • BQ Training — and how to help your clients build on their next level of BQ so they can experience deep, holistic transformation.

So you can help your clients tune into their BQ to find the personal recipe their body needs to perform at optimal levels and enjoy lasting results.