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About John Assaraf

John Assaraf has helped millions of people quickly turn their dreams into a reality. Through his two New York Times bestselling books, appearances on Larry King Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and numerous other TV shows including the hit DVD The Secret, he’s realizing his mission of helping create 20,000 new purposeful millionaires by the year 2020.

And you could very well be one of them.

But John wasn’t always a winner like this. Here’s how he puts it:

“My success came overnight. It’s just taken me 30 plus years for that overnight to happen. No, listen. I came from a family like most people. My father was a taxi driver. My mother worked a local department store. They struggled to make ends meet. They were challenged to take any vacations. They were challenged to have more than enough. They lived in a little house that I remember they bought for $20,000.”

And he’s reprogrammed his brain to go from… being a “street kid” with no money and a disastrously bad health condition to… building 5 ultra-successful companies — including one with 1,500 salespeople and $4.5 billion (with a capital B) a year in sales.

What You’ll Learn

6 Ways You’ll Feel Unstoppable After Using This Program

Would you trust a rigorously tested, scientifically backed, and evidence-based program for releasing your subconscious blocks to money?

Because if you will, you’re looking at a stress-free road trip to a financial paradise where you’ll…

01 Rewire and retrain your brain for higher levels of abundance

You will discover a powerful system to rewire and retrain your brain to higher levels of attitude, beliefs and habits around money so you can have the income and the lifestyle you deserve.

02 Release all negativity around money and your money problems

You will learn to release your brain’s old thought patterns and habits like procrastination and poor organization that were limiting you financially and replace them with ones that will help you achieve a greater and greater abundance — without struggle.

03 Put yourself among the best people to raise your money vibrations

You’ll be part of a private mastermind group where members will encourage, support and nurture you to shatter the glass ceiling of your income… every single day.

04 Automatically start rejecting things that block your abundance

You’ll get your brain programmed to filter out the inner C.R.A.P. (Conflicts, Resistance, Anxiety and Problems) that are holding you back from your happiness.

05 Have your brain think and act like a multi-millionaire

You will be equipped with the S.E.M.P. systems, strategies and models of multi-millionaires that’ll make you an unstoppable force in wealth creation.

06 Discover your soul’s secret purpose for abundance

You will also discover and get your brain imprinted with your deepest, soul-level “why,” and become audacious in making a big impact in the world, so you can fulfill your soul’s calling and meaning.

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Course Information

The World’s Most Advanced, Scientifically Backed Program To Turn Your Brain Into A Money Magnet

Winning The Game Of Money: A 12-level brain re-training system to automatically retrain your brain to have the beliefs, habits, confidence, perceptions and behaviors of a multi-millionaire in 90 days.

What we know from the latest brain research is, for some people, hypnosis works great. For other people, hearing metaphorical stories works great. For other people, listening to affirmations work great. For other people, listening to subliminals work great. For other people, cognitive behavior therapy works great. This program has the best of all these methodologies.

The affirmations, stories, and meditations you are about to listen to have all been created using the most advanced positive psychology, brain research, and cutting-edge technology that will allow you to easily and comfortably make all the necessary changes required to achieve your goals and ultimate lifestyle.

The audios are layered by integrating several different technologies, techniques and proven practices that produce an exponential effect:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Guided Hypnosis
  • Precision Affirmation
  • Subliminal Affirmations
  • Brain Entrainment Formulas and Sequencing

This technology delivers over nine distinct levels to surround your brain with the proven retraining messages, stories and life-changing auto suggestions and automatically ramps up in intensity and effectiveness every single week as you go deeper and deeper into your psyche.

The Complete Winning the Game of Money Coaching & Brain Retraining System

The 12-Level Brain Retraining System (Regular Price: $1,497)

John Assaraf - Winning The game of money

John Assaraf – Winning The game of money

  • Level 1: Finding Financial Opportunity
  • Level 2: Attracting Wealth
  • Level 3: Tenacity And Resolve
  • Level 4: Increasing Wealth Feelings
  • Level 5: Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #1
  • Level 6: Being Creative
  • Level 7: Releasing Your Stories & Excuses
  • Level 8: Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #2
  • Level 9: Letting Go Of Your Money Fears
  • Level 10: Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #3
  • Level 11: The Beliefs & Habits Generator
  • Level 12: Mastering Your Money Focus
The Million Dollar Success Library – $5,000 Value

Gain access to some of the world’s greatest minds and experts who will teach you the best of what they have learned about achieving success and an exceptional life. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours by accessing exactly what works and learning what doesn’t.

  • Learn to set and achieve your goals
  • Learn how to double or triple your income
  • Discover the best ways to guarantee you’ll retire rich and comfortable
  • Learn how to use stress as a tool to achieve more success
  • Learn to manage your emotions and be in total control of your life
  • Discover the secrets to having total balance in your life
  • Learn how to easily increase your productivity by 3-5 times
  • Plus so much more…

Finally… Experience The Abundance That Your Soul Has Been Craving For Ages

Here’s what will happen when your brain is “switched” for abundance.

Imagine… finally paying off your home and car loans and feeling free after years of working just to pay interest.

Imagine… traveling around the world to visit the best beaches, hanging out at the best bars and hotels, and for the first time, flying first class.

Imagine… taking your family to the most expensive gourmet restaurant in town and being able to tell them, “Have all you want.”

Imagine… making arrangements for moving into your brand new lakefront home… feel the feelings: the excitement, the pride of your loved ones and the joy of being somewhere comfortable, secure and safe.

Imagine… indulging in your hobbies and your passions with no one to answer to and no one to ask permission from.

Imagine… waking up every day in the comfiest bed with a smile on your lips feeling how lucky you are to enjoy the best of the best in terms of love, friendships, health care, and comfort.

Imagine… finally visiting that hospital research wing that you donated in honor of your parents.

Imagine… feeling tremendous gratitude.

Imagine now.

Like Handing Over Your Dollar Bill For A $10 Note

Every day we wake up, brush our teeth, work out in the gym, count our calories, and commute to work.
All of these are systems that sustain our models of reality. Meaning, they make our life work.

And you may be spending hundreds of dollars a month on these systems.

But what about systems for upgrading your financial reality?

Do you have one?

What if such a system can turn your financial dreams into reality?

How much would you pay for such a system?

Most of the people would readily put down $10,000 or more for such a system. Because they know even a 10% bump in their income will easily cover their costs.

Individually, each of the components of this program is worth $14,685. But since you’re getting it as a package, you pay less.

You’re going to have your brain retraining program and brain retraining videos for earning, managing, investing and protecting money and support from John and his team in the mastermind group.

Plus, you’ll also get access to the latest cutting-edge techniques, tools and technologies that Neurogym prepares for you on a regular basis.


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