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Lindsay is a sought-after sales coach who sold everything from eyeliner to Britney Spears’ piano and has trained hundreds of others to do the same – with integrity, honesty and love.

Her average sale – for years – has been $36,000 coaching packages. Whether you want to sell $99 sessions or $35,000 packages, her method is proven to create results – especially if you’re a coach. Many gurus have sold their first $50k offers with Lindsay’s training because the method she teaches simply converts.

Why? Because what she teaches is unlike any other sales method you’ve ever heard of.

Her approach is based on love, integrity, truth and transformation, and allows you to leverage your coaching skills and “sell” in a way that’s authentic to you.

The skills Lindsay teaches work everywhere, for everything and as she likes to say: “World peace could be achieved by a series of successful sales conversations.” So, if your gifts aren’t being used to their highest extent in the world because you have a sales problem, that can change today…

Course Information

Introducing Booked

The High-Converting Sales System for Coaches Who Don’t Want to Sacrifice Their Integrity for Results

Look, I want to be really honest with you:

Booked is not just another sales program that teaches you the standard tricks you can find in any corner of the internet…. Booked is Lindsay’s life work packaged into a program that’s tailor made for coaches like you – because it honors your values, beliefs and, most importantly, your integrity.

  • Yes, you’ll get the exact scripts and sentences you need to close any sale.
  • Yes, you’ll get the conversational structure and tested systems to replicate.
  • And yes, you’ll easily double or triple your ability to sell and increase your income if you follow the steps provided in Booked.

But what really matters is this:

Joining Booked will not only allow you to skyrocket your sales and your business.

It will allow you to create sustainable transformation with your prospects, to serve at the highest level possible and to get your gifts out there…. in a way that feels authentic and true!

See, what Lindsay teaches is radically different from any other sales method I’ve ever come across. There is no manipulation, no pushy-ness and no sleazy tricks involved in her system…  Just honesty, integrity and love – packaged into an easy-to-follow structure that simply converts.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn when you join us for Booked:

Module I

10 Things to Say to Save a Sale

In the first Module, you’re going to dive right in: You’ll learn the exact scripts and sentences – including the psychology behind it – to lead a conscious sales conversation that converts.

You’ll discover all the key elements as well as the structure, and you’ll get bonus closing tips to ensure you get this crucial part right – with ease.

Module II

Objections Aren’t Real

Most people make the mistake of handling objections after they give the price – if they handle them at all. This Module will teach you when you should really tackle objections, what the 5 most common ones are and how to handle them with love.

You’ll discover the one objection you actually WANT people to have, why objections are often a reflection of your own unconscious beliefs and how to overcome them once and for all

Module III

Advanced Sales Script

Most coaches give too much during their sales calls which doesn’t actually help them convert. In this Module, you’ll learn the advanced sales script that solves this problem for you and allows you to leverage your coaching skills to close.

You’ll discover the “Lindsay Cheat” – the easiest way to close that gets your prospects to ask you for the sale including the step-by-step script you can instantly replicate for your own business.


Module IV

Being in a Sales Conversation

What can you do before and after a sales conversation to increase your conversions? What metrics do you need to measure to get better at sales? How many leads do you need to achieve your financial goal?

Module 4 will provide strategic answers to all of these questions and Lindsay’s advanced sales calls lessons that she usually only shares with her paying clients. You’ll learn the most important lessons she learned in over 50,000 sales conversations and the mistakes you get to avoid from the get-go.

Module V

High-End Sales Script

In this Module, you’ll discover the 6 steps to close high-end sales including the exact questions to ask and when to ask them to achieve the greatest results. Lindsay will walk you through each step of the script, teaching you how to intertwine a powerful story, how to include memorable facts and the one thing you’ve never heard that closes any sale.

Module 5 will give you access to the entire script, Lindsay’s single most powerful sales tool and you’ll even learn what to do when your prospect says no.

Module VI

Ninja Sales Tips

This Module goes even deeper into the highest level secrets of successful sales. You’ll learn everything from how to secure payments in full to getting people to refer more prospects to you. You’ll discover not only the 5 key elements of how to transform a prospect into a paying client, but how to transform them into someone who is set to get results. You’ll also get ninja tips on how to deal with grumpy prospects and people trying to quit, how to identify who’s right for you and who’s not, and the practical closing steps including what to do once someone signed up to be your new client.

You can use these psychological tools and strategies yourself, and you can even teach them to a sales team.

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