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As a coach, you’ve probably at one point in time found yourself in the crippling situation of not knowing what to say.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself…

… with a prospect who’s slipping away from your enrollment conversation and you aren’t sure how to keep them interested.

… with a disconnected, even resistant client where you don’t know how to create the breakthrough you’re after.

… feeling stuck for words at a networking event you feel could change the game for you.

Being stuck in situations like these is frustrating. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. The very fact you’re here means things are about to take a positive turn for you!

By the end of this letter, you’ll have a scientifically-proven framework to deeply connect with anyone in any situation so you can consistently create the transformation, results and impact you are truly capable of.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

The #1 mistake coaches make when they find themselves stuck

Before we tell you more about the framework which will transform the very way you transform others, we need to cover something very important.

You see, many coaches both new and seasoned have also experienced the frustration of not creating the impact they wanted  with a prospect, client, or audience. And just like you, these passionate coaches desperately want to overcome this challenge and “fix things”.

Unfortunately, in trying to “fix things”, many coaches make the mistake of trying to learn more coaching tools or techniques.

This might be shocking because you could be wondering…

Mistake? Why would learning more tools and techniques be a mistake? Surely, if I didn’t connect deeply with someone…  or if I didn’t create impact with my client… it’s because I need to learn new coaching modalities?

Not necessarily. Here’s why.

Why simply adding more coaching tools to your toolkit won’t necessarily help you create powerful transformation (and what actually will)

Let’s imagine a hairdresser called Jim who runs a hair salon.

Jim has a wide range of tools to do his job. From blow dryers to hot rollers, and various types of brushes — round bristle brush, wide-tooth comb, rattail comb, paddle brush, detangling brush, teasing brush, vented brush, metal brush and more.

Jim is an extremely skilled hairdresser because he has expert knowledge in three things:

  • He understands different types of hair
  • He understands each tool
  • He can deduce which tool is the right one to use for the type of hair at hand

For example, if Jim was styling the hair of a customer with fine, curly hair, he quickly reaches out for the mixed bristle paddle brush. Why?

First, Jim understands fine, curly hair is very fragile and prone to frizz. He knows that boar bristles are super gentle as it glides right through the hair. He also knows that boar bristles mixed with nylon creates an additional tension to eliminate frizz.

With this understanding, Jim deduces he needs a mixed bristle paddle brush to work with his customer’s fine, curly hair and style it into voluminous high-shine curls.

Jim only takes a split second to select the mixed bristle paddle brush and serve his customer quickly. That’s what makes him a master hairdresser.

Here’s what Jim does NOT do. He does NOT randomly grab any brush to see which one works, gets frustrated when nothing he grabs does the job well, then runs out to buy more brushes. If Jim were to do this, he’d lose his customers very fast.

Now, it is much the same with coaching. The real skill of coaching does NOT simply come from rushing out to add more and more tools and techniques to your coaching toolkit.

It’s in being able to rapidly deduce the right coaching tool which deeply resonates with your client’s personality to create massive results with deep, lasting impact.

Just by unlocking the code of 8 human personality patterns, you’ll elevate your ability to influence, transform and
impact others

So let’s recap the two very important points we’ve uncovered so far:

  1. Having many coaching tools or techniques under your belt is not enough to deeply influence, transform and impact others.
  2. It’s crucial for a coach to be able to identify the personality of individuals you engage with so you can use a communicative approach that is aligned with the energy of how they operate, take in information, and process decisions.

But how do you identify someone’s personality quickly?

You can’t simply ask someone you’ve just met to complete a 30-minute personality assessment before you even begin a conversation. That’s just impractical (and totally weird) for obvious reasons.

Well, this is exactly why we’re excited to introduce you to a master coach who after decades of researching human behavior has developed a new system specifically for coaches like you to:

  • Identify someone’s personality — even if you’ve just met them — quickly and easily within just a few minutes of natural conversation
  • Know how to accurately and rapidly identify the underlying patterns of how a client operates so you can deduce the right coaching tool for their personality and lead them to the paradigm shift they need to transform their lives
  • Masterfully navigate through the most common coaching challenges and draw out high-impact results, even for the most “difficult” clients who are “stubborn”, “resistant” or “unmotivated”
  • Be able to help a person who has desperately tried everything… to finally get the missing piece they need to transform, overcome their biggest challenges, and achieve their wildest dreams
  • Confidently speak to a prospect you’ve just met and create a powerful, deep connection which opens the door for you to enroll them with ease and joy
  • Be more empowered at a networking event because you know how to show up, identify and connect with people masterfully
  • Create more abundance in your life because you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your own personality and achieve the next level of self-mastery to create more abundance, freedom and fulfillment

Without further ado, let’s meet the coach who will show you how you can use a deeper understanding of human psychology and dynamics to power your coaching business, draw out powerful results for your clients, and elevate your impact.

Author Profile

Meet the master coach who will give YOU the personality advantage to elevate how you influence, transform, and
impact people

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned best-selling author, international speaker, social entrepreneur, advocate of emotional health, and leadership coach.

Neeta left her million-dollar dentistry practice to pursue her inner truth; a journey which saw her spend over 15 years across 53 countries researching and immersing herself in the field human behavior.

This spectacular journey includes learning from elders in the remote villages of Peru, Shamans in Ecuador, spiritual ashrams in Bali, human behaviour scientists in Japan, Switzerland, & Germany, to breathwork healers in the southern parts of India, to name a few. With a minor in psychology, Neeta has also studied the works of classical philosophers and the founding fathers of modern psychology.

Her pursuit of knowledge to understand human behavior in order to create positive life transformation is sparked by her own life experience to overcome multiple extreme adversities, which includes being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and facing homelessness.

Neeta’s approach seamlessly blends the emotional grit she developed to overcome personal adversity with the understanding of human behavioral patterns. The power of her coaching and message has transformed the lives of thousands across the world and set the bar for a new form of emotional leadership.

Neeta passionately strives to elevate human potential. That’s why she created The Personality Advantage” to help committed coaches like you quickly identify the personalities of the people you meet, so you’ll know exactly how to communicate with them, coach them, and draw out rapid results which create deep, lasting impact.



What You’ll Learn

Introducing The Personality Advantage

The Personality Advantage

The Personality Advantage combines lessons from Neeta’s personal experience of overcoming multiple life adversities with decades of study, research, testing, and cross-cultural experimentation in the field of human psychology and dynamics.

The result is a program uniquely crafted for coaches to skillfully connect, transform, and impact their clients and the people they meet. Here are 6 powerful breakthroughs you’ll experience in this course:


01You’ll have a deeper understanding of why human beings operate the way they do through the 8 personality patterns

These 8 personality patterns combine the different learnings of psychologists, philosophers, and modern scientists in the field of human behavior. In summary, this course is your shortcut to understanding the way 8 unique human personalities operate, take in information, and process decisions.

02You can rapidly identify the personalities of people you meet and coach

This course doesn’t just tell you what the 8 personality patterns are. It will also guide you on exactly how to quickly and accurately identify the personality within the first few minutes of natural conversation.

03You’ll achieve powerful shifts for your clients in less time.

When you have a deeper understanding of personalities, how they operate, and how they take in and process information to make decisions, the impact is profound. It will affect the level of depth and breadth you can take to navigate a client through their fears and challenges. You will be able to rapidly help your clients shift into a new paradigm to draw out powerful results and create lasting impact.

04You’ll enroll clients with ease and create a thriving practice.

People love having a coach who truly understands them. With a deep understanding of human behaviour and dynamics, you’ll be the coach who truly “gets” who they are, where they come from, and where they need to go. When you consistently know how to deeply connect with your clients and lead them through profound transformation, they’ll keep coming back to you and they’ll recommend you to the people they know.

05You’ll enjoy greater income without burning out.

When you grow your business through more re-enrollments and recommendations, you’ll spend less time and money on marketing. This means greater income without needing to spend more time hustling for clients, and without getting caught in the vicious cycle of exchanging hours for dollars.

06Unlock the freedom to live an exponential life.

When you create greater impact and income from your coaching practice, you gift yourself the freedom to live an exponential life. Spend more time with your loved ones. Strike off your bucket list. Create more impact through philanthropic works. And passionately pursue every other way your heart and soul want to soar.

Course Information

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn and experience in the insightful program, “The Personality Advantage

Module 1: Understanding Human Behavior

This course begins with an overview of the most prominent scientific studies of human behavior and dynamics. You’ll take a deep dive into the dichotomies of human personalities and how these personality patterns can be identified, as well as look into how neuro linguistic programming (NLP) affects decision making, the secrets of modeling and motivation patterns, and the three different ways people learn.

By the end of this module, you will understand the different patterns of human behavior, including how human beings interact with the world, direct and receive energy, absorb and take in information, make decisions, and organize or approach the world around them. You’ll also know how to communicate better with anyone through NLP, body language, and in knowing how to adapt to different learning styles.

Module 2: Coaching The Loyalists

Here, you’ll learn how to identify and coach the first personality type, “The Loyalist”.

Module 3: Coaching the Sociable Nurturing Motivators

Here, you’ll learn how to identify and coach the second personality type, “The Sociable Nurturing Motivators”.

Module 4: Coaching the Quiet Lone Rangers

Here, you’ll learn how to identify and coach the third personality type, “The Quiet Lone Rangers”.

Module 5: Coaching the Sweet Warm Givers

Here, you’ll learn how to identify and coach the fourth personality type, “The Sweet Warm Givers”.

Module 6: Coaching the Take-Charge Leaders

Here, you’ll learn how to identify and coach the fifth personality type, “The Take-Charge Leaders”

Module 7: Coaching the Spotlight-Life Lovers

Here, you’ll learn how to identify and coach the sixth personality type, “The Spotlight-Life Lovers”.

Module 8: Coaching the Creative Empowered Enthusiast

Here, you’ll learn how to identify and coach the seventh personality type, “The Creative Empowered Enthusiast”.

Module 9: Coaching the Analytical Problem Solvers

Here, you’ll learn how to identify and coach the eighth personality type, “The Analytical Problem Solvers”.

For each personality across Modules 2-9, you will:

  • Dive deep into their characteristics, how they operate, how they receive and process information, and how they make decisions
  • Learn how to motivate them so they will overcome their blocks and take action
  • Have concrete strategies to manage their stress points so they don’t feel overwhelmed
  • Know how to communicate effectively so you can deeply engage with them in every single conversation.
  • Understand their communication blocks and how to work around it so they do not become disengaged or disinterested
  • Discover the most effective way to sell to them, whether you’re trying to enroll them as a prospect or wanting to create influential connections at a networking event
  • Have a coaching roadmap on how to effectively transform them in a way that is aligned with their energy for massive results
  • Get interaction tips on how to manage them if you were present with them in a room.

PLUS! Fun & Practical Learning Tools

In each module on the personalities, you’ll have these FUN learning tools to help you understand and relate to each personality better:

  • Real life stories of coaching each personality so you know how to apply it in your coaching practice
  • A list of famous people for each personality so you can visualise and relate to them
  • Video clips of of people or characters so you can see how the behaviours manifest in action (this includes watching movie clips from Harry Potter, Star Wars and more to analyze the personalities of the characters!)
  • Supporting session notes, workbook, additional resources
  • Powerful exercise which guides you to personalize your very own Big Advantage Toolkit which you can use to coach each personality

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