Nadine McNeil – Unlocking The Powers of Sleep




Nadine McNeil – Unlocking The Powers of Sleep


The Greatest Missed Opportunity For Humanity

With the advent of electricity and digital communication, we’re able to literally light up the world with so much innovation and so many interconnected communities. Yet, the levels of joy, sleep, health and fulfillment we enjoy are plummeting to all-time lows.

Why is that so?

Why didn’t this material progress bring along physical, mental, emotional and spiritual progress for the joyride?

And that’s not to say no one is trying.

About 15% of Americans have tried meditation or mindfulness. And many more have tried other methods.

The thing is… spending just 10 minutes a day being mindful wouldn’t cut it.

What if you could put in 6-8 hours practicing Mindfulness… while also spending 8 hours on your career or business, 5 hours with your friends and loved ones and another 2 or 3 on your hobbies… every single day?

And you’re right… the math doesn’t add up.

Unless you count the 6-8 hours you spend sleeping!

You spend ⅓ of your life (or on average 33 years) sleeping—what if you could turn that time into seeds of transformation?

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The Unimaginable Secret Magic Of Yoga Nidra

Yes, thanks to a little-known ancient yogic method called Yoga Nidra, you can use your sleep time to radically transform yourself.

That’s right.

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based conscious deep-relaxation technique that ancient Yogis of the east have used to become masters of this reality.

With specific Yoga Nidra routines, you can entrain and fine-tune your mind to enter deep relaxation, and alpha and theta level of consciousness during sleep for…

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Healing and rejuvenating your body
  • Downloading intuitive guidance
  • Accelerating creative manifestation
  • Amplifying your empathy and kindness
  • Transcending your fears and limitations
  • And so much more…

If you’ve been looking for a way to activate your full potential…

Yoga Nidra is like diamonds on the floor.

And now you can master it in a matter of days.

Introducing A 24-Day Yoga Nidra Journey To Turn Your Ordinary Sleep Time Into Extraordinary Results In Your Physical Well-Being, Mental Acuity, Emotional Freedom & Spiritual Intimacy

Imagine embarking on an explorative 24-day adventure with practices for waking up naturally in the morning, staying present during the day, swiftly falling asleep at night and being conscious during your sleep…

All while unraveling layers after layers of your consciousness to reveal your true nature and transform practically every aspect of your life.

That’s what this “Unlocking The Powers Of Sleep” Journey offers.

Each day, you’ll be bringing a new level of subtle awareness in your physical, mental, energetic and spiritual structures.

That presents you with an opportunity to go beyond your conditioned personality to dissolve your fears, limitations & blocks and make remarkable progress in your intuition, clarity, vision, focus, happiness and creativity, and start living closer to your full life potential.

Transform 5 Key Aspects Of Your Life Through This Mysterious Fourth State Of Human Awareness Where You’re Awake, Dreaming, And At Deep Sleep All At The Same Time

When you go through this Journey, you’ll feel as if you’re entering a portal of some sort where you undergo intense detoxification of your body, mind and soul. That’s because of the mysterious fourth state of human experience where you’re awake, dreaming and in deep sleep at the same time.

It cleans you up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and unlocks exciting new dimensions in your feelings, perceptions and your dreams, goals and ambitions.

Primarily it affects 5 key aspects:

1. Your Physical Energy – the fourth state fills you with awareness that helps circulate energy in your body and stimulate glands, organs and tissues that have been dormant for years.

2. Your Health & Well-Being – you’ll be guided to use the fourth state to relieve stress and anxiety on a deep, cellular level and this heals in several dimensions.

3. Your Creative Inspirations – once you experience the fourth state it opens up new circuits in your brain that triggers new ways of thinking and problem solving.

4. Your Emotional Freedom – perhaps the biggest difference you’ll feel after this fourth state is that you’ll enjoy complete emotional freedom and the knowing that nothing can stop you anymore.

5. Your Higher Consciousness – the fourth state is just a start and as you practice more, you’re empowered with deeper and deeper levels of consciousness.

8 Reasons You’ll Love This 24-Day Journey

01. A Lifetime Of Life-Changing Transformation

At the core level, this Journey guides you through one of the most effective forms of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation for entering your deeper subconscious while retaining your inner awareness. This method is so powerful that it can be used to accomplish almost anything, for example, to solve problems, enhance creativity, sharpen memory and even transform your identity.

02. Most Practices Require No Extra Time

Most of the heavy lifting in the Journey will be done while sleeping in a deep hypnagogic state. This is a remarkable shift in the way you think about personal transformation. You’re utilizing the time that otherwise might be spent “trying” to sleep or wasted in poor quality sleep. In doing so, you require no big lifestyle changes and no sacrificing of your favorite activities. It’s like getting free gifts.

03. Results In As Little As 5 Days

Yoga Nidra is so powerful that just a few days of effective practice heals your system in many dimensions. When you first become aware of your deep sleep or dream states you’ll be like a child who sees the world for the very first time. And once you’ve seen what’s possible, you won’t feel like going back to unconscious sleep ever again. All you have to do is try it sincerely for as little as 5 days.

04. Extremely Simple & Easy To Follow

The practices in this Journey are chosen as much for its simplicity as it’s effectiveness. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished meditator (it definitely helps) or you’ve never been mindful ever in your entire life. With easy to follow exercises and simple, clear instructions, Nadine McNeil will guide you to unlock your natural enlightened state during sleep. It can’t get any easier than this.

05. Creates A Sleep Habit For Life

It’s one thing to know the techniques but making them part of your daily habit is a whole other thing. Making the transformation a habit ensures that you continue to reap rewards for years to come. That’s why in this Journey you’ll be creating a neurological loop for sleep consciousness. You’ll receive the cues, develop easy routines and reap the rewards as you progress the days in each of the modules.

06. Minimum Effective Dose Learning

The goal of this 24-day Journey is not to give you a Phd-level understanding of Yoga Nidra. The goal is to enable you to enjoy the results. So you won’t find hour-long lectures about complex topics that give a complete overview but little results. No information overloads. What you’ll find in this Journey is the smallest dose that will produce the maximum results in the shortest time possible.

07. Rooted In The Eternal Philosophy Of The Yogis

Almost all of the great sages of the past from all ancient cultures had believed in the power of enhanced consciousness. This Journey does the same. It is based on the discovery of your true eternal nature. This has nothing to do with religion or belief in a certain god. All this Journey delivers is an objective knowing of the omnipresent, impersonal, and formless part of you. And that’s empowering.

08. Join Hundreds Of Like-Minded Students

One of the most effective ways of active learning is to engage with a group of like-minded students to really understand through questioning, self-examination and inter-personal sharing of results. This is a built-in feature for this Journey. As you unlock these profound Yoga Nidra secrets, you will be able to communicate and share with your fellow students and even your teacher.

Meet Your Teacher Nadine McNeil


As a Yoga Nidra expert, Nadine McNeil wishes to ignite the intuition of the universe in you by awakening you to your true nature through a state called Sleepless Sleep. This mission is the culmination of her work as a yoga teacher, dancer, speaker, storyteller, wisdom mentor, women’s circle facilitator, transformational coach, and humanitarian since 2008.

Born in Jamaica, she had the fantastic opportunity of traveling the world to serve with the United Nations in under-developed areas in Haiti, India, Indonesia, and Central Africa, which taught her the importance of trusting her own intuition.

Today, Nadine’s work impacts thousands of people around the world. She is a former director of Jamaica Yoga Association, a regular contributor to Mantra MagazineElephant Journal, and Jakarta Post. She is a sought-after presenter at some of the world’s most prominent spiritual festivals, such as the Bali Spirit Festival and the Caribbean Yoga Conference.

And in this Webinar, she unravels the #1 secret of Yoga Nidra for transforming your life.

What You’ll Experience

7 Profound Transformations You’ll Experience When You Try Unlocking The Powers Of Sleep 24-Day Journey With Nadine McNeil

Much of the results that this “Unlocking The Powers Of Sleep” Journey delivers comes from the purification of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies through Yogic Sleep which awakens your natural radiance, wisdom, energy, health, vitality & inner power.

But don’t forget the biggest gift you’re giving yourself by enrolling in this Journey:

The most rejuvenating, refreshing & revitalizing deep sleep from the moment your head hits the pillow at night to when you open your eyes in the morning.

Also, watch out for some astounding results.

This Journey dramatically expands your awareness and with it comes many unexpected performance improvements in your self-love, in your ability to see the bigger picture and in your extra sensory perception.

It’s going to be fun!

That being said, here are the most important ways this Journey will transform you.

01. Wake Up Everyday Feeling Like A Superstar

Imagine a world where you wake up every day energized, feeling empowered and fully rested and you carry a deep knowing of who you are, what your rhythm is and how you can constantly operate from your full power to contribute to the well-being of your loved ones and to uplift the world around you.

02. Start Attracting Your Most Ideal Reality

Your waking energy field carries a lot of different, often conflicting vibrations. They influence your reality. However, when you’re able to become aware during deep sleep, you’re able to narrow it down to a single vibration, for example, that of abundance. Thus you can influence your reality so much more effectively.

03. Be A Model For Ultimate Health & Wellness

Imagine being deeply relaxed on a cellular and physiological level and free of the normal life stressors, allowing your cells to regenerate fully every time you sleep. This is the key to reducing DNA damage, toxic free radicals, inflammation, and oxidative stress that cause most of the degenerative and lifestyle illnesses.

04. Look Radiant, Charming & Supercharged Everyday

Imagine people commenting on your radiance & magnetism everywhere you go. They can’t stop noticing you. You’re the life of the party, the fire in the meeting and the love in the family. You are very positive, passionate and pumped with enthusiasm. You just can’t stop it. This is you after Yoga Nidra.

05. Experience Heightened Creativity, Focus & Clarity

Let’s admit this. You have way more creative power than you’re currently bringing to life. But with Yoga Nidra, you’ll be joining the ranks of Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Napoleon Bonaparte in leveraging power naps for creativity, focus & clarity.

06. Feel Confident Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

As you practice Yoga Nidra and as empowering thoughts and emotions flood your system, it returns your endocrine, nervous, respiratory, cardiac, and immune systems to its natural vibrant state. As a result you’ll be in “the zone”—confident in your body, secure in your emotions and swift in your decision-making.

07. Experience Superconsciousness & Total Empowerment

Imagine being able to connect with your true nature every single night as you sleep. You become not only aware of your infinite self, but you’ll communicate with it and start drawing the wisdom, guidance, intuition, power, protection and healing from your omnipresent self. This is the ultimate empowerment.

Journey Curriculum

Journey Curriculum—Here’s How It’s Structured So You Get The Best Results In The Shortest Time Possible

This 24-Day Journey with Nadine McNeil, “Unlocking The Powers Of Sleep,” aims to accelerate your healing and rejuvenation as well as your personal transformation in the most authentic way possible.

By the time the Journey is over, you probably won’t believe the results you got! It comes so easily and intuitively. This is the kind of Journey that makes you go, “I wish I had known all these, years, if not decades, ago.”

It’s that life-changing!

You’ll be guided through the tools, practices and wisdom for transforming every single aspect of yourself with ease, grace and confidence.

First, you’ll be discovering powerful secrets to uplift your state of being anytime and without reaching for coffee or other stimulants, it will have a 8tremendous impact on your psyche*.

Then you’ll learn how to use the sleepless sleep state to heal your anxiety, depression, stress, fear, emotional wounds, trauma, past grievances, energetic blockages and even physical ailments.

Once you’ve empowered yourself with energy and healing, you’ll then start drawing out the infinite creativity and intuition of the universe. This process will be extremely fun as the universe has a way to surprise and delight you in ways you have never imagined before.

Then finally, you’ll embark on the grandest adventure of your entire life—communicating with your higher self to integrate your healings, reclaim your true abundant nature, create your own reality, transform your identity, and manifest all your heart’s desires.

To give you more clarity, here’s the exact structure of the program.