Hale Dwoskin – The Sedona Method 4-in-1 Supercourse




The Sedona Method
4-in-1 Supercourse

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The scientifically validated Sedona Method will enable you to quickly and easily let go of anything holding you back from financial abundance, emotional wellness, improved relationships and radiant health.

It will help you create the life that you choose for yourself NOW. This means you will literally be free to have, be and do whatever you will or desire. This process is backed by a mountain of scientific research, celebrity endorsements and the success of hundreds of thousands of people just like you who have achieved amazing breakthrough results in EVERY area of their lives.

Here is just some of what you can expect to achieve:

  • Higher Self-esteem and Self-confidence
  • Much Greater Relaxation and Clarity in Action at Rest
  • Freedom from the Debilitating Effects of Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Tension, Grief and Fear
  • The Freedom to Live Life Fully, Happily, and Joyously every Moment
  • Unshakable Inner Peace, Contentment and Satisfaction

With your Sedona Method plus Effortless Wealth and Success, Effortless Relationships and Effortless Health and Well-being order, you will receive:

  • The complete program on 20 CDs in a beautifully packaged vinyl album
  • A complete 198-page workbook – a $30.00 value – filled with exercises that help you get the most from these four programs
  • Plus, get helpful insights through The Sedona Method online forums at

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“This course was absolutely brilliant beyond all conceptual understanding of what the universe could ever be. I know in my heart that I see myself spontaneously becoming a beacon of truth, I really appreciate the support I receive from the Sedona Training Associates company. The Sedona Method has become my #1 passion in my life, it has brought such immense growth and transformation in me that I cannot believe, and it just keeps getting better. Thank you so very much, life is so amazing when you let it be.”

Michael Doyle


Effortless Wealth and Success

Most of us desire to have more wealth and success in our lives. Even if we feel like we have enough, we often do not allow ourselves to create what we choose with ease. This course is dedicated to showing you how to dissolve the blocks to creating, maintaining, and enjoying effortless wealth and success.

You will gain all of this and more:

  • Make More Money with Less Effort
  • Access your Intuitive Knowing and Clear Reason and Make Better Investment and Life Decisions
  • Free Yourself of Fear, Worry and Anxiety including Fear of Failure and Success
  • Work Smarter not Harder
  • Boost your Self-confidence and Flexibility
  • Dissolve all the Inner Barriers to Lasting Effortless Wealth and Success

Effortless Relationships

In this course you will discover that both your personal and business relationships can be a lot more effortless, fun, loving, and mutually rewarding. You will learn powerful applications of The Sedona Method that will show you how to have thriving, aware and joyous relationships in both your business and personal life. You will leave feeling renewed, empowered, fully alive and in love with life, yourself and those you care about.

This course will show you:

  • How to fall in love with your self and your partner again
  • How to deal with difficult people with grace and ease
  • How to understand your partner better and have them understand you
  • How to take responsibility for your own experience in relationships
  • How to bring the feeling of “I am enough” into your life and your relationships

Effortless Health and Well-Being

On this course you will learn how to feel relaxed and at home with the body. You will fall in love with your body again and learn how to have more radiant health and well-being. You will not only feel better, you will easily discover the right actions to take to sustain your health and well-being much more easily, and learn how you can actively support the body’s natural healing process. You will also explore what lies beyond the limits of body centered awareness.

You will gain all of the following and more:

  • Having your ideal body and loving the body you have
  • Freedom from past traumas and recurring stories
  • Freedom from the tyranny of guilt and shame
  • Lose weight, quit smoking and free yourself from all addictions
  • Experience deep relaxation, freedom from pain and discomfort
  • Feel and look younger and slow or reverse the aging process