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Join Keith Ferrazzi As He Equips You With The Essential Paradigm Shifts & Emerging Strategies Being Harnessed By Today’s Most Inspiring & Effective Leaders, In A World Where The Old Rules No Longer Apply.

Ultimate Leadership

The Ultimate Blueprint For Leadership In The New Era Of Business

The Ultimate Leadership program is a series of paradigm shifts, strategic frameworks, and transformational tools that profoundly evolve your understanding of and approach to leadership – in line with a rapidly changing world.

It is the culmination of Keith Ferrazzi’s decades of work with leading companies, C-suite executives, and leaders driving innovative and high-performing teams – along with the critical shifts these top performers are making to survive and thrive in the new landscape.

No matter where you’re at in your leadership journey (or even if you’re still aspiring to be one) – the clarity and momentum you gain through this program will dramatically enhance your performance in every key marker of effective leadership.

Revolutionize Your Relationship With Your Team & Co-Workers

Ultimate Leadership is more than just a passive program – it’s a step-by-step process for envisioning and nurturing a new relationship between you and your team.

You’ll assess old shared behaviors, habits, and rituals. Discard what doesn’t serve you. Strengthen what does. And set and achieve ‘moonshot’ visions that rocket yourself and every team member towards your fullest potential.

Keith calls this process Recontracting: because it’s about creating a new contract that guides you and your team towards peak performance in eight key dimensions:

The 8 Dimensions Of Ultimate Leadership

  • Candor: speaking with courage, openness, and sincerity
  • Collaboration: co-creating for peak performance and innovation
  • Teaming Out: breaking down silos and merging each team member’s strengths
  • Accountability: leaving nobody behind and crossing the finish line together
  • Development: proactively coaching, guiding, and empowering each other
  • Energy: drawing on each other’s individual’s energy to uplift the team
  • Relationships: committing to each other’s success and fulfillment
  • Outcomes: creating exponential and extraordinary transformation
  • No Status Quo: releasing old disempowering patterns in favor of optimized new ones

What You’ll Learn

  1. Become The Ultimate Leader:

    From communication to co-creation to inspiration: rapidly level up every dimension of your leadership skills with Keith’s signature strategies and paradigm shifts that can be easily applied by leaders (and aspiring leaders) of any level.

  2. Supercharge Your Company Or Business:

    Whether you’re a manager, business leader, or entrepreneur, you’ll gain key strategies to quickly skyrocket the performance, productivity, and profitability of any team at any size.

  3. Achieve Goals (Much) Faster:

    Discover how to dismantle the obstacles, objections, and even inner resistance suppressing your business goals and performance indicators.

  4. Be Radically Agile:

    Agility and adaptability are more vital than ever in the new business landscape. Keith will show you how to set up your team’s strategy and dynamics, so you’re ready for anything.

  5. Amplify Your Self-Awareness:

    Discover the blind spots and personal biases holding you back, and the hidden strengths you can leverage to become a stronger, more effective, and more compassionate leader.

  6. Build Up Your Dream Team:

    Become a master of team morale, dynamics, retention, and growth – and watch them thank you by scaling your business to heights you never thought possible.

  7. Deeper Connections & Empathy:

    Break free from the empathy-killing Boss-Employee paradigm, and discover how to deeply and authentically connect with any team and any type of person.

  8. Unshakable Resolve & Inner Peace:

    Being a leader can wreak havoc on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Here’s how to rise to the challenge and thrive – with your sanity and peace of mind fully intact.

The Curriculum

Explore The Ultimate Leadership Curriculum

Ultimate Leadership is a 21-day online program designed to elevate you into an effective leader for today’s authenticity and collaboration-focused business landscape.

Through a series of easy-to-follow daily video lessons, you’ll join Keith Ferrazzi himself as he meets you where you’re at – and builds you into an extraordinary leader capable of strategizing, motivating, and navigating your team to victory.

In just 20 minutes a day, you’ll rapidly level up your leadership skills through strategies and frameworks Keith has drawn from years of collaboration with the world’s top CEOs and professionals – including the breakthrough epiphanies they’re using at this very moment to assure sustained success in times of uncertainty.

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