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What You’ll Learn

Your Keynote is a powerful program I’ve created based on strategies I used to go from a complete unknown to world-class speaker

You’ll discover exactly how to avoid some of the most common problems that many new (and even experienced) speakers struggle with. These are the issues that keep even seasoned coaches, transformational teachers, and entrepreneurs from giving their best on stage. Issues like…
01 Not knowing the truth nor the core of your message
Not knowing the truth nor the core of your message, and how to deliver it so you can motivate any audience, anywhere in the world
02 How to get paid and attract the best speaking gigs
Not knowing how to get paid and how to attract the best speaking gigs so you don’t have to keep looking for the next job every time you finish a presentation
03 How to perform onstage
Feeling uncomfortable and unclear about how to perform onstage, and how to hold yourself so you can easily get your audience to give you their attention
04 How you can stand out from a crowd
Feeling confused and frustrated regarding how you can stand out from a crowd where everyone is also searching for the best speaking gigs
Your Keynote uncovers the solutions to all of this and a whole lot more…
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Here’s how it’s gonna roll inside Your Keynote

Sam Cawthorn – Your Keynote

Sam Cawthorn – Your Keynote

You’ll boost your personal strengths and motivations so you can become a powerful, passionate speaker even if you’ve never been on stage before. You’ll learn how to define and refine your own ideal avatar, and how to position your message so it stands out in a crowd and gets noticed. Plus, you’ll finally understand the unique value that only you can bring to the world and how you can leverage on that to create a buzz around yourself and your speaking gigs.

You’ll learn how to dig deep into your memories, experiences, and personal stories to craft inspirational content that you can turn into extraordinary speeches…again and again. You’ll learn how to do a “verbal vomit” of everything you know, connect your life stories with your expertise, find a common thread to highlight your genius, and create the framework for a powerful and unforgettable speech. You’ll even learn how to easily put together book content from all the insights and information you already have.

This is where you learn to perform like a rockstar speaker who can wow live audiences without missing a beat, plus the secrets to delivering an outstanding speech that wins you new speaking gigs. No more dry spells between events! You’ll learn the 3Cs that every pro speaker uses — Confidence, Competence, and Charisma — and you will master the presentation tips and tricks that all the great speakers use.

You’ll create an awesome personal brand and you’ll be introduced to my Product Funnel that will have you automatically attracting more and more raving fans minus any extra effort. You’ll discover how to pull together an amazing team who will be your cheerleaders and your support team as you become a world-class speaker. You’ll also learn the techniques celebrities and successful media personalities use on social media to reach and inspire millions every day.
Your Keynote is presented in 12 high-value, high-quality videos, and you can follow the training at your own pace, whenever you want.
You’ll learn everything you need to know about becoming an exceptional, highly paid speaker, in an easy-to-follow, fun, and entertaining format.